Quality challenges, ed. by Joanna M. Dziadkowiec and Magdalena Niewczas-Dobrowolska

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Wydanie I
Poznań 2022
Format 21x14,5 cm
ISBN 978-83-67287-33-3
DOI 10.48226/978-83-67287-33-3
ss. 390

język: angielski

Quality is a term that refers to various aspects of our life and functioning, e.g. product quality, food quality, service quality, quality of life. Overall quality is increasing and we as consumers/clients expect high quality. Times are changing, globalization processes are progressing, there is a risk of conflicts in the world, etc., which all affect various aspects of quality, including, of course, the quality of our life. Therefore, there are many challenges to quality. Questions should be asked about the future of quality – what should we focus on, what aspects of quality will be particularly important, etc., and what will be the quality of the future based on this – what event can we predict, how the world and our functioning as consumers/clients, but also organizations, will change.
This book presents a set of papers trying to find out these answers. Various aspects of quality and quality management are presented which show the most important challenges to quality and also are the signs of times we live in.

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