Arkadiusz Jabłoński, Case in Japanese – A Morphological Approach

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Wydanie I,
Poznań 2022
Format 21x14,5 cm
ISBN 978-83-66666-39-9
DOI 10.48226/978-83-66666-39-9
ss. 172

język: angielski, japoński

Japanese nominal elements are usually not described as inflected. This fact, as was presented in the author’s previous publication, Japanese Nominal Elements as Abandoned Parts of Speech (2021), may lead to the conclusion that they are, literally, abandoned parts of speech in the grammatical descriptions of Japanese. In this volume, a more thorough explanation of the morphological case system and the morphological, paradigmatic declension model of Japanese is provided. Rather than to answer the question of whether or not declension exists in Japanese, an attempt is made to use existing and commonly accepted linguistic methodology to give a systemic description of the morphological properties of Japanese nominal elements. The proposed model of Japanese morphological cases is also presented, along with necessary explanations on the basic case functions and the internal classification of markers and cases. As an extension of the morphological case paradigm of Japanese, several case phenomena of the language are described. Further perspectives for the study of Japanese nominal cases are presented as a conclusion.

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